Michael Jackson — Billie Jean | Live in Tunis, 1996 (60fps Enhanced)

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    Michael Jackson performing Billie Jean for the first time in the Arab World and Africa as a solo artist. The show took place in Tunis, Tunisia at the Stade Olympique El Menzah (or just the El Menzah Stadium) for a sold out venue of 60.000 people, on October 7th, 1996.
    This is in my opinion the most smooth Billie Jean performance we have, and I think it has the best pro footage HIStory Tour moonwalk. Michael does seem a bit slower than usual though, so maybe he started to get sick here which carried on to the first Seoul show (October 11th, 1996), or maybe he was just tired. But besides that, his vocals seem very beautiful, especially the ‘breaking my heart, babe’ vocal.
    Well for starters, I upscaled it to 1080p60fps, as I haven’t seen any proper 60fps upscale of this performance on YouTube before, so I thought why the hell not (+ it really adds to the smoothness factor I spoke about earlier). I also wanted to remove that stupid fkn red ball bitch that just rolls in on the screen like it’s my drunk dad coming home from work, ready to beat my ass because I accidentally, in his eyes, looked 23% more useless than I did yesterday. I ofc also had to edit the audio, so I gave it a proper K MJ run, I guess you could say.
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    ‘Billie Jean; Enhanced’ playlist: youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8q3HVtKGdt_I5gzi5Vdl8eh07zky2uP7
    ‘HIStory Tour; Billie Jean | Enhanced’ playlist
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